Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wild (2012) by Cheryl Strayed

I LOVED this book!  Thanks so much to my dear friend Joy who sent it to me for my birthday! The funny thing was, I had heard of this book and wanted to read it, I had even checked the library to see if they had it - and it was only available in Dutch translation (I generally really hate reading books that were originally in English translated into Dutch).  So I decided to wait.  And lo and behold, Joy sent it to me for my birthday.  We must have some kind of psychic connection going on, right? 

From the moment I started this book, I could not put it down.  This is a memoir of the author's journey to backpack the Pacific Crest Trail at age 26 in 1995, in an attempt to work through some difficult times in her life, including the loss of her mother four years earlier and the breakup of her marriage.  This is not only an incredible journey in and of itself, but Cheryl Strayed writes so honestly and engagingly about all of it, you feel you are right there with her. 

I could relate to the author on many levels, not least of which our similar ages.  At the same age she was tackling the PCT, I was building a new life for myself in a foreign country, and could definitely understand some of the feelings she went through.  And I have incredible admiration for her determination, bravery, and the way she dealt with the challenges that came her way. 

Read this book - it is awesome and will inspire you.