Monday, January 28, 2008

Why "In Consideration of Books"?

Since I began to read as a child, I have always been a book worm. But in our family that is the norm, I think...we are all always reading books and these days, we read books and leave them at each other's houses and then someone else reads them and passes them on. Our own version of Bookcrossing! My mother is always telling me about the latest book she has read and she is always interested in new titles, always inspiring me to read more.

My sister Jenny and I were recently talking about how sometimes you read a book and then you completely forget what it was about and how annoying this is, especially when you end up reading it again and then realize halfway in that actually, you've read it already. Jenny's mother-in-law started keeping a journal of all the books she has read since she retired a few years ago, and while I was visiting recently, she showed it to me. It seemed like a great idea to somehow keep track of what you had read, what you felt and thought about it.

Last year at my sister's urging, I reluctantly started a blog about the half marathon we were preparing to run, and I found to my surprise that I really enjoyed the process of blogging on a regular basis. Now that the half marathon is behind us, I was thinking about how I wanted to continue blogging on something else I am passionate about and then it hit me - I can blog about the books I am reading, not only for myself but also to share with others and hopefully get feedback and exchange ideas, something that I sometimes miss after finishing an especially good - or terrible! - book.

So check back soon for my first post in consideration of books!


Cindy said...

well done.

Kathy said...

You blog about books for the exact same reason that I do!!